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Eleven777 Advertising 

The story so far

After having worked with some of the most prominent regional and global advertising and branding agencies, Leonard Rego founded Eleven777 Advertising in Dubai in 2007 with a singular focus – to be the sort of creative agency that challenges the status quo with the kind of deep thinking and expression that works more for our clients’ brands than for awards shows. 

This ethos, which underpins what we create every day, has resulted in us working across brands and industries spanning the spectrum from luxury, hospitality and retail to technology, exhibitions, automotive and beyond. 

We understand the business of business, and what success looks like to our clients – and we’re uniquely positioned to help you get you there.

As an agency, we’re equally at home with traditional or digital mediums, and choosing the right approach and channels for a client is a question of studying their target audience, bringing our synergised experience to bear, and intercepting our audience in the right place and at the right time.

Who works with us?

Brands we have worked with include Armani Hotel Dubai, Louis Vuitton, the Emaar Group, Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, 3M Gulf, Emirates NBD Bank, Messe Frankfurt, Jumeirah Group, Burj Al Arab, Informa plc, The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, Marriott International, Firestone Middle East, Hyva… and other names among the world’s biggest brands, as well as many of rock-solid regional repute, across the Middle East.

Doing the sort of work we do is powered by a special brand of thinking – known as the multiplier mindset – and we look for it in our clients as well. It calls us to partner with people and organisations that see eye to eye, those who celebrate exponential thinking and harbour the desire to create something greater than what either of us can achieve alone. It’s symbiosis, in the truest sense.

How we see things 

The biggest questions for us are always “What’s the problem we’re trying to solve?; What kind of thinking and subsequent action are required to solve the problem?; What combination of resources, experience and insights are required to arrive at the solution?” 

And very importantly, “Do we have what it takes to make it happen?” Most often, the answer is yes. Sometimes, it’s no – and we’re always upfront about what falls under our umbrella of expertise and what doesn’t. We recognise that we cannot be all things to everybody, but we can be a rock-steady partner to many who choose to trust us with the care and nurturing of their brands and their marketing-related business objectives. Our history is ample proof. Just ask for references. 

We’re human

Communicating with gut, soul and purpose is something new technologies like AI have yet to understand and deliver – if they ever will. 

And while they signal an end to creative mediocrity, as they quickly replace shallow thinking, lazy writing and unimaginative design, they serve to highlight the contrast with genuine talent – human creativity, which draws on emotion, experience and the power of authentic expression. 

Uncovering the key human insight that gives a campaign a heartbeat, or the particular emotive frequency that resonates in harmony with your brand and its audiences – and then making magic with design, language and other catalytic tools of communication – that’s the kind of work that gets us out of bed in the morning.

What we do really well

Whether for a brand identity project for precision supplements, tactical marketing campaign to promote staycations across a chain of category-defying hotels, or a social media blitz to boost the street cred of a cybersecurity exhibition, we think deeply, write compellingly, design with passion, and communicate in a way that gets the audience to think, feel and remember. Crucially, we also get them to act. 

What we’re best at is here, below. 


At our agency, right-brain creativity and left-brain strategy converge to craft campaigns that fire on both fronts – emotional and logical. And a distinct advantage of working with us, apart from access to a world class team, is input from our Chief Strategy Officer, who goes really deep really fast. 

We get under the hood of your enterprise to see what makes it tick, and identify what could possibly be tweaked, overhauled or polished to a mirror-finish. Because when you do well, we do too.

Brand Identity Development

Beyond intricately assembled brand guidelines and manuals, we make it our mission to produce effective identity assets that truly resonate with the market or niche you want to be a hero to. We draw on a wealth of experience that stretches wide and dives deep across industries, to produce work that works – whether for elegant eateries, algorithmic trading software or luxury fashion. 

We’ve shepherded fledgling brands through every stage of the brand development cycle, from sketches on a whiteboard all the way through into comprehensive guides to expressing every brand touchpoint. We do this by helping you understand who you really are as a brand (yeah, we really do that!), how you can play to your strengths, the story the world needs to hear… and then communicating all of it with massive impact.    

Let’s help you define your brand’s positioning, messaging, identity and expressions across all the many ways that matter. 

Copywriting and Key Messaging 

Do you have your own voice, or could you be mistaken for somebody else? When you communicate, does your audience really get you? Does your brand stand for something, and if yes, does your audience know… and importantly, care? When you’re communicating tactically, does it translate to action?  

Great writing can do all that for you. Whether it’s a brand manifesto, a happy-hour offer, or blog posts that take your SEO game to a whole ‘nother level. For writing that marries eloquence to relevance and smartly complements design, all while leading your audience towards conversion or advocacy, let us loose on the nearest keyboard.

Social Media Content 

Likeable, shareable, snackable… it’s all doable. Original ideas, clever execution, and a crystalline understanding of your target audience are potent ingredients that make social media content that sparkles.

Social media has evolved beyond the appeal of tired memes and bog-standard stock images, to become thriving forums where algorithms and platform-specific tools churn relentlessly to shine a spotlight on your brand in front of thousands of potential new customers. The thing is, many brands talk a mean social media game these days, but those that don’t risk obscurity. A social strategy that is agile, relevant and fully in sync with the beating pulse and clarion voice of your brand can help ensure a keen social media presence that generates attention, revenue and loyalty.

Graphic Design

Business card or billboard, design matters. Inspired, intuitive, balanced design. Our crack team of art directors and designers blend flair with technical prowess to create art that wows. Looking to refresh your pitch deck? Develop an intricate photo composite? Create iconic key visuals for an international campaign? Call us. 

Video and Motion Graphics 

From ten-second social media reels to show-stopping videos for a complex mosaic of exhibition stages in arcane file formats, we’re more than up to the challenge – just check out our body of work for LEAP, the largest debut tech event in history. 

For video, this most expressive of visual mediums, we perish the clichéd effects and boring transitions, and put your brand or product story front and centre, bolstered by a distinct narrative that wins hearts and minds.

Reach out

If you value straight-talking, deep-thinking, soul-moving creative services of the highest calibre, we can do great things together.

Let’s talk. 

Eleven777 Advertising LLC

T: ++971 50 358 8466

E: info@eleven777.com

1707, Damac XL Tower

Business Bay 

Dubai, UAE

Leonard Rego

CEO & Chief Strategist 


Manoj Thomas

Account Director


Established in 2007  



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