Marmar Shawarma and Falafel

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Marmar is a popular Dubai restaurant with a mouthwatering menu. We offer tantalizing Middle Eastern cuisine. Their menu caters to all palates, from savory sandwiches to traditional dishes. One highlight: the Fried Veggie Sandwich – crunchy veggies on soft bread. Great veggie sandwich! So many flavors.

Try Marmar’s Beef Hummus in Al Warqa for meat lovers. Tender beef on hummus bed, a harmonious blend. Endeavor the Chicken Fatteh in Dubai. A classic dish from the Middle East with layers of pita bread, chicken, yogurt sauce, and aromatic spices. A satisfying choice for food enthusiasts.

Marmar’s Onion Stuffed Falafel elevates the classic dish—crispy falafel balls with savory onion filling. Paired with sauces, this dish is delightful. Chicken Shawarma at Marmar is a customer favorite. Marinated chicken, roasted and sliced, served in pita bread, served with veggies and garlicky sauce, a beloved Middle Eastern dish.

Our menu includes sandwiches, traditional dishes, and shawarmas. Try the Fried Veg Sandwich, Beef Hummus in Al Warqa, Chicken Fatteh, Onion Falafel, or Chicken Shawarma. We offer unforgettable Middle Eastern cuisine in Dubai.



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